About Lornah

About Lornah Kiplagat

Lornah Kiplagat (1974) was born in Kenya and became a Dutch citizen in 2003. The long-distance runner has several world records to her name, has won four world titles and one European title. In 2007 she became world champion cross-country running in her homeland and she participated in three Olympic Games: Athens (2004), Beijing (2008) and London (2012). She won the marathons of Los Angeles (twice), Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Osaka, was second in Chicago and third in the New York City marathon. Lornah is also the founder of the High Altitude Training Center (HATC) in Iten, Kenya, which she runs together with her husband Pieter Langerhorst.

Lornah Kiplagat, the African born multiple World Champion in athletics, is renowned for her powerful, offensive running style that evokes associations with a lion. Her nickname is Simba, Swahili for lion. The lion is therefore inseparable from the sports brand Lornah.Lornah Kiplagat Signature

Wearing Lornah is feeling the spirit of Africa. On your skin, in your soul, in your life. Lornah offers unique feminine African designs, fine fabrics and an exceptionally elegant fit.

Lornah, from sketch and design to logo

Lornah and Simba (Swahili for Lion) are inseperatly connected with each other, that's why you see the Lion in our logo. Catchwords and assumptions during this design process were; Lornah, Simba, Afrika, Care, Sports, Excitement, Happiness, Sun, Sexy, Power, Active, recognizability and her powerfull and offensive running style.